General information

Dentist - Orthopedist of the Highest Category


  • 2011 —
    Belarusian State Medical University, specialty "Dentistry"
  • 2020 —
    Awarded the highest category

Advanced training

  • 2013 —
    Advanced training courses of BelMAPO "Removable and non-removable structures of dentures with opra on dental implants"
  • 2014 —
    Advanced training courses of BelMAPO "Metal-ceramic dentures"
  • 2015 —
    Refresher courses of BelMAPO "Clinical and theoretical aspects of the system of dental implants with a mechanism of double stability"
  • 2017 —
    Graduated from the clinical residency of BSMU, surgical dentistry
  • 2019 —
    Refresher courses of BelMAPO "Interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of patients with defects in teeth and dentition in combination with dentoalveolar anomalies and deformities"
  • 2020 —
    Advanced training courses of the Belarusian State Medical University "Medical rehabilitation of patients with surgical diseases of the maxillofacial region and neck in the postoperative period"
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