Olga Frolova

Orthopedist, Head of department

Mehtiev Ruslan


Pazhlakov Pavel

Dentist therapist

Cherenkevich Igor

Dentist - surgeon

Kuten Tatyana

Dentist therapist

Alizarchik Alexey

Dentist - orthopedist

Pashuk Alexander


Sankevich Vladimir

Dentist - orthopedist

Grishuk Valeria

Dentist - therapist

Dudko Oleg

Clinic owner, chief dental technician
  • Experience - 16 years
  • English Intermediate level
  • Dentures Making of CAD-CAM technology
  • Press Ceramics
  • The manufacture of fixed structures in the classical way
  • Rehabilitation of patients in difficult clinical situations

Dudko Natalia Alexandrovna

  • Work experience - 6 years
  • English Intermediate level
  • Dental implantation
  • Extraction of teeth in adults and children
  • Preparation for prosthetics
  • Undercutting the frenum of the tongue
  • Removal of exostoses and cysts

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